Descubre las ventajas de los préstamos personales

Discover the advantages of personal loans

They are fundamentally the same as money-related articles, but not the equivalent.

The essential distinction between one and the other is that the advance is a sum that a bank provides to the customer and the credit is a point of confinement of cash that the buyer could discard .

Obviously, it is not the main brand that makes them unique: the interests also take on a key job, as the credits will generally be lower than the advances.

Who gives a personal loan?

In the season of mentioning an advance or a loan, in Spain there are some options.

Each of them has several qualities that will be adjusted to a greater or lesser extent to your needs.

  • National and foreign maintains the money with representation in Spain.
  • Investment funds Reserve funds.
  • Cooperatives of saving and credit.
  • Private value organizations.
  • Credit cards and entities maintained by monetary establishments.
  • Advances between people.
  • Grocery Stores, General Stores, and Stores - They do not offer a cash amount, however they do finance the purchase of certain items and their cost of financing is usually 0%.

What needs do you need to get them?

After deciding in advance or on credit and choosing the element in which you will request it, you must be clear about the needs you must meet in order to participate.

If you do not agree, it does not imply that you cannot obtain subsidies, however, the conditions for lending cash can be more difficult, since they require high certifications or premiums and expenses , for example:

  • Be of age
  • Clarify the exact amount you need and what you will use it for
  • Solvency that you can demonstrate
  • Try not to exceed your most extreme limit
  • Give certifications of obligation reimbursement.
  • Not be included in any summary of defaulters.
  • Have no current obligations with defaults.

To this we must include that, sometimes, the elements propose to obtain some elements, for example, finances, receipts or home protection, among others, to improve the conditions of advance or credit or even to support the request.