Tarjetas de crédito pueden ser útiles

How to end your credit card debt

Credit cards can be useful if you use them effectively.

Among their favorable circumstances, they allow buying with limits in certain foundations or guaranteeing certain purchases or excursions.

The problem is that many people use them severely or, in all respects, severely.

In the event that you finally fall for the device of card obligations and now have no idea how to receive in return, what you are going to examine next could be the answer to your problems.

Adventures to end the credit card obligation

Stop creating new card obligations.

It is a past, coherent and crucial advance.

In the event that you need to terminate your present obligations, you cannot generate new debt.

At the end of the day, you can't keep using the cards, assuming you do, due to the large amount of bonds you sell, you'll still include more.

In case your determination is small, take a pair of scissors and cut the cards in half.

Increase your payroll

Obtaining an additional payment will be an incredible help to eliminate the obligations of the card without juggling.

Individuals are terrified when they read this and forgive themselves that they have no time or have no idea where to start.

In fact, it doesn't have to be troublesome. Here are some thoughts:

Sell ​​what you don't need to bother. Everyone has things at home that they don't use and that accumulate uselessly. You too, and you should offer them.

Take them to a cash converter for life. Or, again, considerably simpler, offer them without leaving the couch at Wallapop.

Selling an administration Also, we all emerge to realize how to show improvement over others and sometimes that something is still a detour.

Why not sell our capacity and get an additional payment? For example, profit from a blog.

There are more equations. You simply have to contemplate what you can offer to everyone around you.

The point is to create a small additional payment (or perhaps incredible) that will be of an extraordinary help to cancel the obligations of your Visas.

Organize the delivery of the various cards

The subsequent stage is to choose the application in which you need to cancel the obligations of the various cards. We prescribe three recipes:

  • For the measure of the obligation: first the smallest debts and then the largest.
  • For interest: first the most expensive obligations and then the least expensive.
  • For individual inclinations: first, the debts of the elements that fall most noticeably, and then those of the most linked.

In the event that you don't know which one to settle on, we suggest the former as this is the one you will see positive results with previously.

Use the snowball strategy

The time has come to ditch debt one by one and you will do so with the snowball course or strategy.

The main thing you need to do is change the payment technique for each of the cards that you don't have exactly the one you need to drop in any case. You will go to pay the base sum.

What you stopped paying with these cards when your sum decreased, you will use to cancel the debt of the chosen card.

In this way, in case you "end up" with an additional 90 euros due to the decrease in the payment strategy in installments of two or three cards, that cash will be used to pay the card that you must deposit in any case.

The result is that it will be easier for you to abandon your first obligation.

When that first obligation ends, the cash you stopped paying will be used to fulfill the next obligation in the summary.

Therefore, constantly to eliminate the debts of all the credit cards one by one.

To complete, one last tip.

When you complete the cycle, order that your economy and your obligations are just a relic of times past, drop each of your cards and stay with only one. You don't need to bother with more.