Comparison Loan10 with Cash

We offer you a quick comparison between the credits offered by the companies Loans online Loan10 and Express Cash Advance so that you can easily and quickly decide which one best suits your urgent money needs.

You can compare basic characteristics, requirements, extension if they offer it, consequences of delay, commissions and an additional block of information, always comparing between the two companies, Loan10 and Contante

All the information you need to decide with whom to apply for financing, with Loan10 or with Contante

Loan10 Online Loans

Loan10 is one of the leading companies in the online microloan sector in Spain. They have been operating since the beginning of 2010, being one of the pioneers in the fast online credit sector.

Within our principles is speed, hence the name, Loan10, since we guarantee a quick response in your credit application and with quality personalized attention 10.


From 50 to 300
First credit



Contante Urgent advance

We offer you a personal loan of up to 500 Euros, which adapts to your needs, in 5 minutes and without paperwork. Constant and sound!

Contante is one of the leading companies in the microloan sector in Spain. It offers flexible loans up to € 500 to be repaid in 30 days.

The client selects the amount and duration of the loan and Contante analyzes his profile. If approved, you will receive the money in your bank account in just 15 minutes.

The process is 100% online in a few steps and without paperwork. In addition, the money can be obtained even without payroll, justifying an alternative source of income.


From 50 to 500
First credit



Loan10 Features

Max APR: 4.507% - Example: € 100 at 90 days - APR 2.087%. Tot: € 240.61

These are the most outstanding characteristics when applying for a loan with Loan10

  • Up to € 300 (customers € 600) in flexible terms
  • Immediate response
  • Total trust and transparency
  • Commitment to quality

Constant Features

Max APR: 2333.95% - Example: € 300 at 90 days - APR 2,333.95%. Tot: 749.89 €

These are the most outstanding characteristics when requesting a loan with Contante

  • Up to € 500 in flexible terms
  • Money in your bank account in just 15 minutes.
  • Fast and easy
  • 100% Online

Loan10 Requirements

  • Be of age
  • Residence in Spain
  • DNI / NIF
  • Bank account

Constant Requirements

  • I'm over 18
  • I collect my payroll directly from a bank
  • I have a debit card in the same bank as my payroll
  • I have my own mobile number and email address
  • I am employed or have recurring income

Loan10 Extension

  • If possible postponement

Constant Extension

  • Up to 3 times, as long as you have paid, at least, the interest on the initial loan

Loan10 Mora

  • 1.35% daily of the amount of the loan requested, for a maximum of 30 days
  • In the event of default, the Borrower will assume a penalty for claiming non-payment for a value of twenty-five euros (25.- €)

Constant Mora

  • You should contact us as soon as possible to find the solution that best suits your needs
  • € 20 for non-payment
  • Each additional day that you are late in payment, you will incur 1% interest on the outstanding principal

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