Coge un avión hoy mismo con nuestros préstamos en el acto

Catch a plane today with our loans on the spot

There are situations that appear in your day-to-day without warning and you may need loans on the spot.

You cannot always foresee everything and for example you may find yourself with a family problem or a work issue that arises far from the city and you have to take a means of transport as soon as possible.

The plane is the fastest but it is also true that it is usually the most expensive way to travel.

However, you may need a flight for this afternoon and a significant financial outlay is inevitable to reserve your place.

Don't worry if you don't have enough financing to pay for your flight, since with the online credits from you can request up to 500.

Get one of our immediate loans and reserve your seat today.

How much can I get with the loans on the spot?

If you need a plane for this afternoon, you should not be scared when you see the rates, since by hiring your place with such short notice, the companies raise the price significantly.

For example, if you need to travel from Barcelona to Madrid today and you have to return on Monday, the trip can cost you between the round trip around 200.

In that case, applying for loans on the spot for such an emergency is a very convenient resource that you can use. Even if you are a new customer of you will be able to access enough urgent money, since in your first loan you can instantly have up to 250 in your account.

If this is going to be your second request you can get 300, in your third request you will have the possibility of requesting 400 and from the fourth service you can get up to 500.

Therefore, requesting one of our loans on the spot can serve as an economic life saver in an unforeseen event like this.

What do I have to do so that the immediate loan reaches my account earlier?

The mini loans that we offer you at represent an important relief at a time when you are financially in a hurry. If you need to have liquidity, you just have to enter our website and complete the quick application process that we propose at .

Calculate how much you are going to pay for the mini-loan at the moment you request, fill out a short form, send us a few basic personal and bank information and accept the contract will be the steps you will have to take to apply for loans on the spot with us.

It will only take a few minutes. What you should take into account and anticipate are a couple of factors that will determine the speed with which the transfer reaches the account that you attach:

  • It is essential that the account to which you want us to enter one of our mini- loans is operational.
  • You should also take into account that your bank collaborates with , since otherwise, the entire procedure can be slowed down by the procedures between entities that do not work together.

If you carry out your application procedure and follow these two recommendations, the transfer of our immediate loans is practically instantaneous.

In this way, you will have enough liquidity to reserve your plane seat in a matter of minutes.

If you need urgent liquidity, request one of the mini- loans that offers you and fly this afternoon.

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