Fast online credits without paperwork, up to 10,000 euros in 24 hours

You can see all the offers with an example of a quick credit of 3000 euros for 12 months, or filter according to what you need.

We offer you to compare between the two most important companies in the request for urgent online credits or fast loans online , search and compare.

If you need credits on the spot from 500 to 10,000 euros , we help you find the best solution, we have all the urgent credits online that you may need, apply online and in a few minutes you will have easy money in your account.


Créditos hasta 3.500 euros incluso con Credit Checker Welp
50 - 3,500
Min term: Flexible
Max term: Flexible
Min 55% APR and Max 2,230% - Representative example for the minimum TIN and APR € 400 to be returned in 4 months of € 109.55

Younited Credit

Créditos sin nómina ni aval hasta 50.000 euros Younited Credit
1000 - 50,000
Min term: Flexible
Max term: Flexible
Credit of 50,000 euros to be returned in 84 monthly installments, costs € 17,566.92. APR 9.39%.


We give you the facility to compare between several of the companies that grant fast loans online so that you can choose the option that best suits those you need.

That breakdown in the car, those vacations that left unexpectedly, the letter that you do not get to pay this month, we help you find your perfect online credit .

Here is a small summary of the personal credits that we offer online

  • Cofidis direct , its fast credits more than known, up to 3000 euros without paperwork or endorsement , a very good option to request fast credits online on the spot .
  • Less known but equally reliable Bigbank , urgent loans of 10,000 euros , 100% online, reliable, easy and safe.

If what you are looking for are online mini-credits without paperwork , only with ID, visit our online mini-credit comparison on the spot .

Get a loan of 3000 euros

Getting a loan of 3000 euros quickly and easily is possible thanks to the financial institutions of fast online loans such as Cofidis or Bigbank , which offer modern financial products and aimed at people who need credit instantly and cannot obtain it because banks they don't offer it.

To get a loan of 3000 euros at the moment you will only have to access the website of the financial institution that offers them and make an online application , having a quick response, in a few minutes after having sent it.

Ask for 2000 euros at the moment

If you need 2000 euros for now, this is your website! Compare several companies and find the loan at the time you need.

Credits without paperwork, instantly. Find in 5 minutes the credit that best suits what you need, quickly and easily.

If you want 2000 euros at the moment, look no further! Credits of 200 euros in minutes, without documentation, without payroll, without guarantees, fast and easy.

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