Nuevo cierre en negativo del Euríbor por tercer año seguido

The Euribor chains three years in negative

With the closing in February at -0.108%, the Euribor closes its third year in negative, this index is the one to which the vast majority of Spanish mortgages are referenced .

Even with this negative accent, it has risen from January to February, maintaining an upward trend for 11 consecutive months .

These movements translate, for example, into an increase of 52.92 euros in the annual fee for mortgages of 120,000 euros over 20 years with a Euribor differential of 1%, equivalent to 3.24 euros per month.

According to analysts, even with these negative levels, it seems that the trend continues to be to stop the falls and initiate a positive trend that will favor the behavior of the financial sector to the detriment of customers, who will have to face higher financial expenses.

It could happen that a rise in the index slows down the purchase of real estate, this would generate in the medium or long term a decline in European and national GDP .

Even with all this, the indicator remains negative, which is good news for those with variable mortgages .

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