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Mortgage appraisals

The inspection of the home that we are going to buy is a mandatory and irreplaceable necessity when applying for a mortgage loan , since the bank will reliably require that an official examination of the mortgage loan be carried out to decide the real estimate of the property and have the capacity to accumulate.

As it certifies the amount of cash that can be loaned to those who demand financing , as well as being a decent method to know if what the owner requests from the house is close to his true estimate.

José Vicente Rubio, an executive at Training of Tinsa , says that the appraisal is expected to decide the market estimate or the mortgage loan of a property, paying little attention to price. It is, in this way, an autonomous methodology of buyer and seller ”. , in which a specialist decides an available circumstance that depends on the esteem, the attributes of the home and other equivalent properties and Paloma Arnaiz, general secretary of the AEV ( Spanish Association for Value Analysis ) - affiliation that coordinates 23 valuation organizations that make up 90% of The valuations carried out in Spain clarify «an examination for the objects of mortgage loans is a report that is completed as an instrument to ensure the premiums of the three characters on the screen committed to a mortgage loan credit task.

Fewer evaluations currently

The secretary general of the AEV reports that “the most recent information available on the examination action showed a year-on-year increase of 8.18% in the number of mortgage loan evaluations carried out for mortgage loan purposes for the initial 75 percent of 2018 (around 24,000 accommodations). more than in a similar cycle of the previous year) «.

An upward pattern from Arnaiz may be broken from now on despite the fact that the information is not accessible towards the end of the year, we can expect a decrease in the pace of development that the review stock had been encountering in the previous two years .

Due to the marked decrease in the constitution of mortgage loans that the INE has recruited in the last months of the year, and which has had its starting point in the vulnerability made between banks and clients by the legal rulings on the installation of La evaluation of the AJD.

It follows from Tinsa that it is not the valuation that must be supported, but what gives legitimacy to the valuation as a mortgage loan guarantee must be carried out by a collection organization affirmed by the Bank of Spain and the AEV to advise how to do it according to the guidelines from the administrator of the Spanish financial framework.

To make a mortgage loan evaluation, an appraiser must go to the property to be inspected and make a progression of the controls: area, quality, condition of preservation and surfaces of the property (making an estimate of its remains).

It will also collect other information identified with offices, terminations, occupancy and abuse status, and so on.

On the other hand, it uses the vault, the property's cadastral and urban documentation to perform a legitimate and legal examination of the property's condition. Finally, it carries out a market investigation of comparable products (called "practically identical") and, in the light of the finishes of this analysis, establishes the estimation of the property evaluation.

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