Minipréstamos para la matrícula de la guardería

Mini Loans for Daycare Tuition

When choosing the nursery where we want to enroll our children, the price is one of the most decisive factors. There are different types of centers for which there are different costs.

The price of a public nursery is calculated according to the income and economic situation of the applicant, even so the total is very varied depending on the city, it can range from 136 / month to 367 / month.

Subsidized nurseries are private centers to which the administrations subsidize a percentage of the cost, and lastly, private centers (8 hours with food and snacks) have an average cost of 310 per month, although there are also changes between communities.

The most expensive is in Barcelona, ​​whose average is 400 and the cheapest, in Córdoba, which does not reach 200.

If we have to work, daycare is an unavoidable expense if we don't have someone to leave our children with every day, so if you have specific financial problems and need to enroll your child in a center, you can get an extra thanks to mini-loans .

This short-term financing service will allow you to rationalize the expense of the month of September so that the disbursement of the return to the routine is not so high.

How to apply for daycare loans

The first time a mini loan is requested, the maximum amount is 250 euros, the second time 300 euros, the fourth, up to 400 euros and so on until reaching 500 euros, which is the limit.

The amount that can be obtained will increase as long as the previous loan has been repaid on time and without problems.

You will have up to 30 days to return the money, you choose the term.

We always recommend choosing the maximum to ensure that you will have enough money to repay it within the date.

If the day is approaching and you realize that you do not have enough creditworthiness to repay the mini loan, you can contact us and request an extension.

Payment for this service will be a part of that of the minicredit, but avoid paying commissions by default or enter Credit Checker .

If you request mini- credits at, you can enjoy free early repayment, that is, you will only pay for the days that the money is at your disposal.

If you return the mini credit earlier than agreed, we will deduct the corresponding fees.

The most valued characteristic of mini-credits is the urgency with which they are granted.

Accustomed to the lengthy procedures of bank loans , having the possibility of obtaining extra money in a matter of minutes is something that until a few years ago was unthinkable.

How long does it take to obtain the mini-credits?

In less than 5 minutes you will have made your request and after sending it, you will know if your mini-credit can be approved or not.

Once you know the status of your request, you will only have to read the terms and conditions.

When you accept the contract, we will make a transfer instantly .

If the mini-loan is requested before 1:00 p.m., whatever your bank, you will receive the money on the same day.

If not, first thing the next day. If your bank matches one of ours, the transfer will be immediate.

Although there is also the possibility of making an express transfer, the price is 5 and the money is received on the same day, regardless of the bank.

Mini-loans for months of higher spending: you can request quick mini credits in a timely manner, always bearing in mind that it is a service that should be used responsibly and not as a source of income to which you normally go.

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