Vivus overview is the leading company in online granting of loans transferred in 15 minutes to the client.

As a claim for new customers, welcomes you: up to 300 euros without interest or commissions if you return it before 30 days.

50 - 800
Min term: Flexible
Max term: Flexible
Max APR: 1.915% - Example APR: € 100 at 90 days. APR 1.915% Total: € 128


These are the most outstanding characteristics when requesting a fast credit online with Vivus

  • Up to € 300 (customers € 800) with flexible minimum and maximum terms
  • FREE first credit
  • The first online credit completely free
  • It is very easy to extend the payment term of your credit
  • Possibility of advance payment


Vivus requirements

  • DNI / NIE: front and back
  • First page of the bank book or direct debit receipt
  • Reside in Spain, and be between 21 and 75 years old
  • Not having pending payments or debts in front of third parties


Vivus prolongation

  • Maximum of thirty (30) calendar days


Vivus delay

  • 1.00% daily on the unpaid amount, with a maximum limit of 200% on the principal

Information about Vivus

How Vivus works

Sign up

Select term, amount and complete the form.

  • Maximum € 300 * for first customers.
  • Maximum 30 days to return credit.
  • 21-24 years, maximum € 200

identify yourself

You have two options:

  • Online Banking (recommended option): Select your bank, connect, and in a secure and confidential way, verify your data through the Instantor tool. They confirm to you immediately if your credit has been granted.
  • Attaching documentation: Attach via web, email ([email protected]) or fax (91-435-33-83) the following documentation: 1. DNI / NIE: front and back. 2. First page of the bank card or direct debit issued by the bank. We will contact you and notify you of the granting of the urgent loan.

Receive your money

Once your fast credit is approved, they enter the money.

You will receive an email and an SMS confirming the granting of the credit, in the next 15 minutes they will make a bank transfer to your account number.


What advantages do I have?

When requesting your first microloan at Vivus you will enjoy the following advantages:

  1. You save interest and commissions
  2. By repaying your microloan within the agreed term, they automatically extend your available credit limit for the second loan.

How can I request my free € 300?

To request your first free microloan, you only have to register with your personal data, verify your identity and in 15 min they will transfer the money to your account number.

Enjoy now this exclusive welcome offer for new customers when requesting your first online credit of up to € 300 free.


Vivus online mini-credits instantly, opinions

Vivus provides its clients with microcredits, also called mini online credits . This modality is totally virtual, that is, at no time is it necessary to show up to sign anything or do any kind of paperwork or guarantees .

Likewise, these types of financial entities such as Vivus grant considerable flexibility both in how to grant quick loans (in terms of requirements) and to whom to grant them (without having to present many documents) and in the way of refunding the money.

Additionally, it also presents the facility of being able to customize both the credits and the way they are paid, adapting to each individual and their possibilities.

One of the main advantages that Vivus presents in its urgent online mini credits is that the first time a loan is requested online at the moment , as long as the amount is up to 300 euros, no interest, hidden charges or commissions should be paid .

This 0% interest rate advantage is the specialty of Vivus, although you can also obtain online loans of up to 800 euros that must be repaid up to a maximum period of 30 days.


Physical address

Address C / Príncipe de Vergara, 37, Ático, 28001, Madrid, CIF: A86521309, telephone: 912907788



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Vivus Mini-credits online

Vivus , Fast credits online without paperwork, only ID, online mini-credits on the spot, urgent is the leading company in online granting of loans transferred in 15 minutes to the client.

As a claim for new customers, welcomes you: up to 300 euros without interest or commissions if you return it before 30 days.

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Que Bueno offers fast mini-credits of up to 300 EUR in your account and only in 15 min.

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Applying for a ronline mini-loan with Cashper is very simple. Use the arrows to choose the exact amount of fast money you want and the days in which you are going to pay it, then the total you must return will appear. When you are sure click on request

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Loan10 is one of the leading companies in the online microloan sector in Spain. They have been operating since the beginning of 2010, being one of the pioneers in the fast online credit sector.

Within our principles is speed, hence the name, Loan10, since we guarantee a quick response in your credit application and with quality personalized attention 10.

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Viaconto is an online fast credit entity belonging to the ViaSMS group, where you can get an immediate credit of up to 600 euros in 10 minutes for whatever you want, since you do not have to justify what you are going to do with the borrowed money and the request It is done through the Internet and without the need for paperwork.

Viaconto offers you immediate credit for whatever you want without meeting just any requirements, since you will be able to get immediate credit approval without endorsement or guarantor, without payroll or pension, and being on lists of defaulters such as Credit Checker or RAI.

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Twinero is a financial institution of fast mini loans previously called Via SMS, where it is possible to request mini loans with Financial Credit Institutions and without endorsement simply by having demonstrable income, and where you can get up to 600 euros in 10 minutes without the need for paperwork, simply by filling out a form via Internet.

The mini loans with Credit Checker from Twinero can be used for whatever you want, since they will not ask you about the destination of the money, and you will only have to make an online request, which will be answered immediately, so you can get the money in 10 minutes. Below we show you how to apply for mini loans online in Twinero and the conditions you can get.

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Contante is one of the leading companies in the microloan sector in Spain. It offers flexible loans up to € 500 to be repaid in 30 days.

The client selects the amount and duration of the loan and Contante analyzes his profile. If approved, you will receive the money in your bank account in just 15 minutes.

The process is 100% online in a few steps and without paperwork. In addition, the money can be obtained even without payroll, justifying an alternative source of income.

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Solcredito is an online loan entity located in Barcelona. It was founded in May 2011. Its objective is to offer responsible short-term solutions to urgent and short-term liquidity problems.

They are transforming the credit market by offering small short-term online loans, with more flexibility, comfort and speed than banks, traditional lenders and other websites. Forget the complexity and little flexibility when you need to ask for money urgently.

Loan processing is simple, fast and completely online. In less than 15 minutes, clients can have their credit approved.

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