Créditos rápidos y préstamos. Elegir uno u otro

Quick credits and loans. Choose one or the other

Although until recently fast loans were complete strangers, in recent years they have come to Spain to stay. The advantages they offer are many: get money fast, without changing banks, in 15 minutes and without paperwork. However, mini-credits in general are more expensive than a bank loan, as you have to pay for the speed service of the company that grants the loan. Choosing between quick loans or credits is not always easy.

Quick loan or credit: which is better?

Speed : The mini-credits can be obtained in less than 30 minutes : you just have to fill out a form, send the documentation and, if the credit has been approved, wait for the transfer. To request a loan, you usually have to go to the bank for more than one day and wait for various procedures to be done. Also, the response is not usually immediate.

Price : The interests of fast loans are much higher than those of loans. The cost of a mini-credit of € 100 for 30 days is usually around 30 euros. However, with such short return times (maximum 30 days), the costs are usually reasonable. In addition, microcredit companies do not usually charge commissions or force the contracting of related products. Their products are very transparent, as it is always clear how much you are going to pay up front.

Ease (concession) : Companies that grant mini-credits , by giving small amounts, tend to be less demanding in the requirements, so it is easier to get them. Having a credit in the bank while in Credit Checker is impossible, while microcredit companies do offer credits with Credit Checker.

Situations in which we may need quick loans or credits:

Bank overdraft: Bank overdrafts are one of the most expensive commissions we face, to which interest must be added. If we know that we are going to be late in paying an invoice

Repair the car : In this case, we will choose between quick loans or credits depending on what the money demands. If we use the car to work or need it in our day to day, we will go to the online mini-credits. If we can wait a bit and the repair is going to be very expensive, we will opt for loans.

Pay a traffic fine : If we pay the fine in advance we can save a lot of money, so resorting to a quick loan can be very convenient in this case.

Buy a whim : In this case we can choose between loans or quick credits, although the loans will probably be cheaper. If we can't wait to get the latest iPhone or it's a gift, we can apply for a mini-loan.

In conclusion, when choosing between loans or fast online credits we will have to see analyze our priorities. If it is possible to wait and if we want to save on interest, better loans. If what we need is urgent money or we do not want to deal with the bank, mini-credits are a better solution.