Microcréditos ¿Tienes dudas?

Microcredits Do you have any questions?

Although the term microcredits was initially used to designate a system of financing for little money to poor borrowers originating in India, today this word is used to speak of a type of quick loans for amounts less than 1000 Euros granted by financial institutions of Private capital.

Some synonyms for microcredits are mini loans or mini-credits.

Although each company has its characteristics, most microcredits have things in common:

  • Loans without collateral
  • Without changing banks: they transfer the money to an account number of the bank with which you already work
  • Quick credits: you can have the money in your account today
  • Online application
  • No paperwork
  • No hidden costs: in most cases, you can know the total cost of your mini-loan clearly and easily as soon as you start the application

Safe online mini loans

Contracting a microcredit online is totally safe as long as a trustworthy company is chosen. Online mini-credit companies are regulated and we apply multiple security systems to avoid fraud.

Although microcredits do not hide commissions or hidden costs , it is important to read the contract well and make sure that we have understood everything before hiring anything. In addition, you should know that until you have accepted the contract, you are not committed to anything, so you can request several free mini loans in different online companies and then choose .

How are microcredits applied for?

A common characteristic of all microcredits is that they are contracted online, since these online companies operate through the Internet through simple websites. This makes the process much easier, more comfortable and, above all, faster, since the procedures are much faster. In most cases the process to follow is the same: enter the amount and the term, fill in the form, send the documentation and accept the microcredit.

Once we have given our acceptance, they will make a transfer to our account and we can start enjoying the money in minutes.

Each company has its processes, but in general one of the characteristics of microcredits is that they are very fast to obtain, and we can usually have the money in our account the same day we request it, sometimes in less than 1 hour if At the time of requesting the loan, there are not many requests being produced.

Ultimately, it is a system similar to that of microcredits but on a large scale, with the substantial difference that these are practical because they are based on small amounts that can be covered with credited recurring income, such as a payroll or pension , while Those who request larger amounts do not usually receive these amounts on a regular basis, and a delay in the arrival of the money can cause them to lose their vehicle having received a lower amount than they would have obtained with its sale through traditional channels.

How much money can I get with an urgent microcredit?

Microcredits are designated for loans of less than 1000 euros that meet the conditions that we have already mentioned. Although some online companies offer these amounts, we must bear in mind that, usually, they are returned within a period of 1 or 2 months, and if we ask for so much money later it will be very difficult to return.

Responsible fast microcredits : get easy and fast money

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