Comparison HelloMoney with SolCredito

We offer you a quick comparison between the credits offered by the companies Credits up to 1000 euros without explanations HolaDinero and Personal Loan SolCredito so that you can easily and quickly decide which one best suits your urgent money needs.

You can compare basic characteristics, requirements, extension if they offer it, consequences of delay, commissions and an additional block of information, always comparing between the two companies, HolaDinero and SolCredito

All the information you need to decide with whom to apply for financing, with HolaDinero or SolCredito

HolaMonero Credits up to 1000 euros without explanations


From 50 to 1000
First credit



SolCredito Personal loan

Solcredito is an online loan entity located in Barcelona. It was founded in May 2011. Its objective is to offer responsible short-term solutions to urgent and short-term liquidity problems.

They are transforming the credit market by offering small short-term online loans, with more flexibility, comfort and speed than banks, traditional lenders and other websites. Forget the complexity and little flexibility when you need to ask for money urgently.

Loan processing is simple, fast and completely online. In less than 15 minutes, clients can have their credit approved.


From 50 to 600
First credit



FREE first credit

Hello Money Features

First loan of up to 300 euros without interest or commissions. 0% APR.

These are the most outstanding characteristics when requesting a loan with HolaDinero

  • Up to € 1000 in flexible terms

SolCredito Features

Max APR: 2333.95% - Example: € 300 at 90 days - APR 2,333.95%. Tot: 749.89 €

These are the most outstanding characteristics when applying for a credit with SolCredito

  • Up to € 600 (customers € 1000) in flexible terms
  • FREE first credit
  • Quick and practical
  • Transparent and flexible

Hello Money Requirements

    SolCredito Requirements

    • Must be over 18 and under 80
    • Reside in Spain
    • Have an account in a national bank
    • Email address
    • Own mobile phone

    Hello Money Extension

      SunCredit Extension

      • There is the possibility, expenses according to the amount and contacting them to reach an agreement

      Hello, Money Mora

        SolCredito Mora

        • 20% charge for non-payment
        • If the non-payment exceeds 45 days, its delinquency will be registered by financial organizations such as Credit Checker

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