Comparison Freezl with Twinero

We offer you a quick comparison between the credits offered by the companies Freezl and Twinero Quick Mini-Credits so that you can easily and quickly decide which one best suits your urgent money needs.

You can compare basic characteristics, requirements, extension if they offer it, consequences of delay, commissions and an additional block of information, always comparing between the two companies, Freezl and Twinero

All the information you need to decide with whom to apply for financing, with Freezl or Twinero



From 50 to 1000
First credit



Twinero Quick mini- credits

Twinero is a financial institution of fast mini loans previously called Via SMS, where it is possible to request mini loans with Financial Credit Institutions and without endorsement simply by having demonstrable income, and where you can get up to 600 euros in 10 minutes without the need for paperwork, simply by filling out a form via Internet.

The mini loans with Credit Checker from Twinero can be used for whatever you want, since they will not ask you about the destination of the money, and you will only have to make an online request, which will be answered immediately, so you can get the money in 10 minutes. Below we show you how to apply for mini loans online in Twinero and the conditions you can get.


From 50 to 300
First credit



Freezl Features

Loans up to 1000 euros. Maximum APR 2,187%.

These are the most outstanding characteristics when requesting a loan with Freezl

  • Up to € 1000 in flexible terms

Twinero Features

Max APR: 6.395% - Example APR: € 300 at 65 days. APR 656% Total: € 126

These are the most outstanding characteristics when requesting a loan with Twinero

  • Up to € 300 (customers € 1000) in flexible terms
  • Possible to obtain loans with Credit Checker
  • In 10 minutes it is possible to have the money
  • It is not necessary to have an endorsement

Freezl Requirements

    Twinero Requirements

    • Identity document such as DNI or NIE
    • Be between 21 and 70 years old
    • Email address
    • Mobile phone
    • Have demonstrable periodic income
    • Not having more than one debt and with an amount greater than 2,000 euros in Credit Checker

    Freezl Extension

      Twinero Extension

      • The extension periods are 7, 14 or 30 calendar days
      • The costs of extensions of the Loan will be informed in the simulator of the Website
      • Once the extension period has ended, the Borrower must pay the total amount of the Loan plus the commission

      Freezl Mora

        Twinero Mora

        • The delay penalty will be 1.00% per day on the total amount of unpaid debt
        • 100% maximum limit on principal
        • Inclusion of your data in assets and credit solvency files

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