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Credits to be repaid between 61 and 90 days or in monthly installments up to 10 years. Minimum APR 0%. Maximum APR 1,935%. The best financing offers of 2020.

We are an intermediary company, our service is completely free, our benefit comes from the advertiser once you contract the credit, without any expense from you.

What can I need a personal loan for?

There are many occasions when you may need money quickly: buying a new or used car, home renovations, studies, a dentist, home equipment, travel, buying a motorcycle, etc.

For any project we have the personal loan that adapts to you, it can be a small amount to be returned in a single payment, with which you simply select the amount in the selector and click to request, you will be asked for a series of minimum personal data and In a few seconds we will find the best offers for you among the best Spanish online financial companies.

If you need more, select "Credits" in the upper menu and we offer you a comparison of companies that grant personal advances of up to 15,000 euros.

How do I return my private advance?

Returning the money requested in an individual loan is very simple, whatever the type of loan and its amount is usually returned in one of the following ways:

  • Debit card : we introduce our debit card in the personal client area of ​​the company where we contract the advance and pay the total amount or monthly payment of the credit.
  • Bank transfer or account deposit : the lender company provides us with a series of bank accounts in different banks, in order not to pay transfer costs as much as possible. We can use any of them by following the instructions that the company provides us to make the payment of the credit or any of its monthly installments.
  • Credit card : many companies provide us with a very easy and simple way to reimburse the cost and amount of the particular advance, in the customer area we select automatic payment by credit card. Once the details of our card have been entered, the charge for the monthly payment or the full loan will be automatically made to the card when the agreed day for the return of the personal loan arrives.