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  • This website will be called a " web page ".
  • The person who owns the website will be called " Crawley Mela Website Studio ".
  • The person using this website will be called "u suario ".

Crawley Mela Website Studio can, through the website and by any other means, provide information on different options to get money, invest money, earn money or save money.

Get money: Credits and Loans

Crawley Mela Website Studio has a database of credit institutions that operate in Spain, as well as the main characteristics of their credits.

The user , by providing their personal data and in general by using the website , accepts these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, please do not continue visiting this website or provide your personal information.

Specifically, the user agrees that Crawley Mela Website Studio is not a lender, nor does it act as an intermediary or advisor independently or on behalf of any lender and that therefore the work of Crawley Mela Website Studio is limited to presenting information about the products. of the lenders or, where appropriate, and depending on the characteristics of each user (being a natural person or company, amount requested, repayment period, appearing or not in Credit Checker-type files, having or not having a payroll, etc.) transfer the information about the user to one or more lenders that Crawley Mela Website Studio believes will be able to satisfy the requirements requested by the user . It is the sole responsibility of the user to review and, where appropriate, accept the conditions offered by these or other lenders, in order to make an informed decision adapted to their needs and possibilities .

Therefore, it is the user's obligation to collect or request from the lender, when he contacts him, the information that he is legally obliged to provide depending on the type of loan, especially, but without exclusion, the APR (Annual Equivalent Rate), expenses transaction totals, loan amount, total amount to be paid by the user to the lender and the loan repayment term. The range of APRs that we advertise on this website is intended to encompass all of the lenders we work with, especially those with whom we have agreements, but due to frequent changes in lenders' conditions, we do not guarantee that it will always include everyone. they. The APR of the representative example that may appear on this website corresponds to the conditions of one of the lenders at the time this information was included, and is provided for informational purposes, but accurate and updated information is the sole responsibility of each one. from the lenders, who are required to send it to you before you accept the loan. You should not accept a loan without knowing the exact conditions of the lender that offers it.

The following links provide information on current legislation in Spain:

Faced with improper, inadequate or incomplete information, the user can reject the acceptance of the loan. In case of accepting the loan, despite said lack of information, the user accepts that the responsibility is exclusively his or her or the lender, accepting that in no case Crawley Mela Website Studio is responsible nor can it be claimed as such for these reasons.

The user can reject or not accept the loan proposal that the lender or lenders selected by Crawley Mela Website Studio make.

This website is for informational and helpful purposes only. It does not constitute an offer or recommendation to use the products or services that are detailed therein. Crawley Mela Website Studio does not assume any responsibility in relation to the decisions that the user makes based on the information detailed on this website . Crawley Mela Website Studio is not responsible for any direct, accidental, resulting, indirect or criminal damage or harm that the user may have due to access or use of the information or any content on this website , including viruses, and regardless of the completeness or accuracy of such information or content.

The user agrees not to use any material on this web page that may contain viruses, malware, adware or any component or software that may be harmful to this web page and not to modify in any way the code or content of the web page .

This website is intended exclusively for persons of legal age who have access to it from Spain. Crawley Mela Website Studio does not guarantee that the website and the information it contains complies with or is in accordance with the laws or regulations in force in other countries. Users who access this website from outside Spain have the obligation to know and comply with the regulations, regulations, restrictions and corresponding legislation.

The user accepts that he is solely responsible for the use of the website made from his computer, tablet, smartphone or any type of internet connection device, as well as the obligation to fully comply with these Terms and Conditions, and you agree to immediately notify Crawley Mela Website Studio of any unauthorized use of email you have provided or any other breach of security.

By providing your personal information on this website , the user fully accepts our Privacy Policy .

Crawley Mela Website Studio takes the appropriate measures to ensure as far as possible the relevance, accuracy and validity of the content of the website . However, due to the high number of sources of information that the website may present or handle, Crawley Mela Website Studio does not guarantee that the information that the website contains or handles is always up to date and current.

The user accepts that it is his obligation to contrast the information presented here with that provided by the credit institution or the lender, before accepting the loan, and that the responsibility for not doing so is exclusively his, and in no case can he claim Crawley Mela Website Studio due to a possible difference between the information presented on this website , and that finally provided or applied by the lender.

Crawley Mela Website Studio collects the information presented on the website directly from the information provided by the lenders and / or their websites , as well as its own or third-party affiliate programs. Crawley Mela Website Studio may also include links to third party websites on the website . Crawley Mela Website Studio makes every effort to ensure that this information is always accurate, correct and current, but due to the large number of lenders and frequent changes in their terms, it cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. If the user detects any difference between the information present on this website and that provided or applied by the lender, he must notify Crawley Mela Website Studio immediately, in order to be able to correct possible errors as soon as possible.

In the event that the website includes links to other third-party websites , Crawley Mela Website Studio is not responsible in any way for their contents. The user is solely responsible for the use of said links and assumes that it is their responsibility to read the conditions of use of those linked web pages .

The information presented on this website is provided "as is" and "as available". Crawley Mela Website Studio does not guarantee that this website will function uninterrupted or be free from errors or inaccuracies. Crawley Mela Website Studio declines any responsibility derived from the provision of its services, including any type of technical problem that prevents the normal service of the web page , the connection and correct visualization of the same. Crawley Mela Website Studio reserves the right to temporarily or permanently cancel the website without prior notice, and is not responsible for possible damages caused to the user by its cancellation.

Crawley Mela Website Studio reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time and without prior notice. The user admits that he is solely responsible for his lack of knowledge of the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of use, and therefore undertakes to review them periodically and consult the most recent information. If the user uses the website after the changes have been made, it means that they agree and assume the new Terms and Conditions. The user is advised to print and save these Terms and Conditions when using this web page .

The information, materials, publications, and in general all the content available on the website are the property of Crawley Mela Website Studio , unless otherwise indicated. Crawley Mela Website Studio reserves all copyrights, trademarks, patents and intellectual property rights in the information and materials on the website .

The user can print, copy, download or temporarily store content or materials from this website for the sole purpose of using our products and services, but the user does not have the right to make any changes to them. The use of the contents and materials of the website for any other purpose than that described above, as well as any mention or use of the signs, logos and brands of Crawley Mela Website Studio without our written permission is not allowed.

These terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law. In case of dispute, the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in the city where Crawley Mela Website Studio is established, the user renouncing their own jurisdiction if it were otherwise.

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