Summary Available is your friend who offers you the immediate solution to your specific cash problems.

They offer quick online short-term mini-credits with greater speed, convenience and flexibility than banks, lenders and other online companies. eliminates the bureaucracy and rigidity of the existing offer by putting the money you need at your disposal when you need it.

50 - 400
Min term: Flexible
Max term: Flexible
Max APR 2087% - Example: € 100 at 90 days - APR 2,087%. Tot: € 240.61
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These are the most outstanding characteristics when requesting a fast credit online with Ava

  • Up to € 400 with flexible minimum and maximum terms
  • FREE first credit
  • 100% Online, NO paperwork
  • Speed
  • Transparency
  • Anticipated cancelation


Have requirements

  • More than 18 years and not be included in any registry of defaulters
  • A bank account in your name and a debit card associated with it
  • A personal or work email account
  • A Mobile phone
  • Have residence in Spain


Available extension

  • You will have a penalty for late payment and surcharges depending on the time it takes to pay off your debt


Have delay

  • 15% of the unpaid amount with a minimum of 20.00 euros.
  • The first reminder will be sent on the third day of the breach. Each reminder will have a unit cost of 12.00 euros.
  • In the event that the Borrower is registered in this or another registry of defaulters, the debit balance will increase by the amount of 25.00 euros.

Information about Ava

How the quick credit application works with available

  1. Decide how much money you need and when to pay it back.
  2. Fill out and submit the form, including your bank account.
  3. They evaluate your application and inform you at the time of the decision.
  4. After approval and confirmation, you will have your money in 1 hour.

How do I return the urgent credit?

On the chosen date you have two options to return the amount of the urgent credit: pay them a deposit in the bank account of or, that they make a charge to the debit card that you have provided. Choose the most comfortable for you. If you prefer the charge on the debit card you have to be aware that on that date there is a balance in your account to attend the payment.

How do you see easy, simple and ... fast? Do you want to try it?


What if you are already a client of dispon?

You can request a new credit online by entering the My account section, with your ID and Password. You only have to select the money you need and the date you want to return it.


The immediate solution to your problems offers you the immediate solution to your specific cash problems. Its mission is to solve specific and urgent money needs in a fast and efficient way.

They offer short-term mini-credits with greater speed, convenience and flexibility than banks, lenders and other online offers. eliminates the bureaucracy and rigidity of the existing offer by making the money you need available when you need it.

Wherever you are, at home, on the street, on the road ... they are here to help you. They are always close to you, at your fingertips offering you the small amounts of cash you need: to get out of a jam, to cover extraordinary expenses that you did not have.

  • An unexpected expense?
  • An unforeseen trip?
  • Do I need extra money to close the month?
  • Don't you want or can't ask a family member or friend?
  • A liquidity problem that requires an immediate solution?

At we are better

At they have made all possible efforts to automate the risk analysis process and thus be able to offer an objective and almost immediate response to their clients in response to their online mini-credit request

Its process is 100% online, private and without paperwork. This guarantees an efficient, objective and fast process. Your customers can have cash at any time and in record time.


We are flexible, fast and transparent

They offer you all the flexibility in your online mini-credit, choose how much you need and when you can pay them. With who chooses is you.

They will do everything necessary for you to receive your funds immediately so that you can meet that need. Dispose of the money from your quick mini-credits in a fast, agile and transparent way. There are no hidden commissions, no surprises, you will know from the beginning the cost of our services.


We are responsible promotes a responsible use of its online mini-credit financial services. They do not increase the credit of their clients over time, increasing their financial burdens. favors the fast and advance payment of the loan. If you can pay before the due date, pay ... and you will save money.

In they have a serious commitment to the responsible use of credit on the spot.


Having quick credits online is easy

The process to request a microcredit on the spot is very simple and intuitive . Information on the amount loaned, repayment period and fees are provided before confirming the transaction and making any decision.

If you are of legal age, reside legally in Spain, have a current account of which you are the holder, a mobile phone, an email address and are not listed in any list of defaulters such as RAI or Credit Checker, you can request the mini-loan at the moment without endorsements, just ID . Click on the images and links that you will find on this page to enter Avail.

Next, choose the economic amount of the online loan (between 1 and 400 euros) and in how many days you will make the return (between 1 and 33 days). Click on "apply now" and fill out the online form indicating the account number. It is important to complete it with the most detailed information possible. The new application is evaluated at the moment.


Physical address

The lender is Primrose Partners Limited, UK registered number 07915297, with registered office at Fairbanks Studio 65-69 Lots Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0RN.



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