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Credits to be repaid between 61 and 90 days or in monthly installments up to 10 years. Minimum APR 0%. Maximum APR 1,935%. The best financing offers of 2020.

We are an intermediary company, our service is completely free, our benefit comes from the advertiser once you contract the credit, without any expense from you.

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Request credits online instantly without explanations

You can find all kinds of mini credits with Credit Checker online or immediate loans without payroll with our online loan calculator

With our loan calculator you can calculate the loan payment that best suits what you need

Get the fast credit you need, online, on the spot, only with a DNI and without endorsements, in some cases even being in Financial Credit Institutions

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What do we offer you through Crawley Mela?

From CreditsVIP we can help you get out of that situation that overwhelms you when you need money quickly, when you are going through a bad liquidity streak.

You can compare mini credits very quickly

Compare mini credits in seconds Immediate response! Mini-credits of up to 1000 euros in 15 minutes without changing banks.

Do you need 1000 euros today? We find the best offers of personalized and pre-approved mini-credits of 1000 euros for you.

Request fast credits without payroll

Do you need money at the moment? Look no further, if you need to request quick loans without payroll, we will get you the company that grants you financing with hardly any requirements.

Applying for credit online at the moment has never been easier. Immediate response! From 50 to 60,000 euros at the moment, without guarantees, without payroll, without questions.

Get loans instantly without collateral

You can get quick loans from 50 to 60,000 euros in minutes , without the need for an endorsement or payroll. Get the best offers!

If you need a quick loan and you have exhausted all the possibilities, we can help you! A single form and we find the best personalized loan offers .

Urgent credit offers online

Do you need an urgent credit? This is your site, with a simple form we will find the best offers of urgent credits for you .

Does your car break down, do you have to go to the dentist, do you want to do some studies? We help you get the urgent money you need, without questions, without income.

Apply for loans without questions

Do you need a loan today? Are you tired of questioning to get money? The best loan offers without questions on a single website.

We get you a loan today without questions Answer in seconds! From 50 to 60,000 euros without complications, without explanations.

Your fast mini-loan today

If you have an unexpected expense and you don't have the necessary money, you can always request a mini-loan in less than 15 minutes .

You will have the money in your account in a maximum of 24 hours after your loan application is accepted.

Select the type of fast credit online

Choose the type of online credit in the act that best suits what you need

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Up to 800 euros, small contingencies

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Up to 6,000 euros to be returned in installments

Advantages of Crawley Mela

Personal loan calculator online, fast credit on the spot, online mini-credits and personal loans only with ID.

Save up to 50%

The companies show their best prices on, I calculate the loan fee , find your quick mini-credit

Easy and safe

We also compare additional features and services of many of the companies that grant immediate loans without payroll .


Our services are totally free so that you can find the personal loan that best suits your needs, loan simulation .

How does Crawley Mela work?

We offer you relevant information about all urgent credit products and mini-credits at the moment online , so that you can easily and safely choose the option that benefits you the most, without obligation, totally free.

Among the online loans that we compare are companies such as vivus , cofidis , que bueno , cashper , creditomovil , kredito24 , etc.

You can request fast loans online in any of these companies from our platform once you are sure what you need, we help you to be faster when choosing your personal loan, you can simulate your credit fee at any time .

How to get credits online?

With our online credit comparator in the act it is much easier to find which is the online credit in the act that best suits your needs, take your time and analyze all the market offers in terms of mini loans instantly online

Almost all the companies of our comparator offer online mini-credits without paperwork, only with ID, at the moment . Check which ones offer you the best return conditions and extensions in your fast credits online. Try bridgepayday for free.

Instant credit to make reforms

Has an appliance broken down or do you have to make a small reform? These types of unexpected expenses can be very annoying and throw our economy out of balance.

To help us face unexpected extra expenses, in our credit comparer you can instantly find what fast internet credit you need , 500 euros? 800 euros? You are sure to find the instant online credit that best suits your unexpected expense.

Thanks to the credits you can instantly get money online easily and quickly without having to go to the bank, without paperwork and also without endorsement .

Mini-credits, the new payroll advance

Did you know that in English mini-credits are called , payday loans ? In these countries, mini loans are used as a kind of payroll advance , an extra help to make ends meet when it has not yet been collected.

Although in our country they are still relatively recent, in these countries people have been using them for years to get quick and easy money when they have not yet collected.

Thanks to the mini-credits on the spot, we can avoid overdrafts in the payroll, assume unexpected expenses, pay medical bills or even allow ourselves the odd whim.

You can request credits without papers

With our tool you can request quick credits without papers in minutes, getting the credit you are looking for is now easier and faster, you can compare all the companies in the sector.

A breakdown in the car, the start of school, vacations, any unexpected expense you can cover with any of the online loans without payroll that are compared in

Have your ID and a bank receipt at hand, it will be the only thing you need for almost all companies in Spain, simply to verify your identity and that you are the owner of the account where your money will be deposited.

Urgent credits up to 900 euros, request mini-credit

Online credits from € 30 to a maximum of € 900 and available in a matter of minutes without payroll or endorsement. In some cases they may request proof of income and some companies accept credits with Credit Checker and RAI .

These urgent credits can be ideal to advance money that we know we are going to receive before 30 days or to pay some very urgent unforeseen event .

How to get immediate mini credits?

In our comparator you will be able to see all the companies that grant immediate mini credits online in seconds.

You select the immediate mini credit that best suits what you need and in minutes you will have the money in your account.

Almost all comparator companies grant immediate mini-credits of 300 euros without endorsement, without payroll and without paperwork and with an immediate response.

Important before requesting credit instantly

Each of the fast online credit granting companies shown here have their contact information, updated rates and examples of APR on their own website, from we only show a series of rates updated periodically (they may not be the active ones at this time) and redirect each product to the lender's website for the hiring, where appropriate, of the loan.

At the time of calculating the loan, you have to take into account many characteristics, and we help you with our loan calculator , so that the calculation of the loan fee is as quick and easy as possible.

We always recommend before contracting the personal loan to review all the necessary information on the lender's website, such as:

  • Legitimate contact information or physical address
  • Compliance with other local or regional regulations regarding short-term loans .
  • Updated rates
  • APR
  • Consequences of non-payment
  • Financial implications (if fees are charged or interest rates are raised)
  • Collection practices
  • Possible impact on the credit rating of users
  • Information on the renewal policy, including the specification of whether it is automatic and whether there are fees associated with it

From we do not guarantee that the rates shown by some of the companies are current or that some of the information on each tab, in some cases obtained from third parties, is 100% correct, we recommend always checking the advertiser's website before contract.

What are online credits?

Online credits are an online financial operation by which a natural or legal person, such as a bank, grants a certain amount to another and the latter agrees to repay it within a specified period together with the interest and commissions accrued as such. as agreed in the online credit conditions.

In general, the mini credits are instantly returned in periodic installments, although everything will depend on what is established in the contract. Thus, there may be online loans in which the repayment is made in a single installment at maturity in which the principal is paid plus the interest at once and credits in which part of the capital and interest is periodically amortized, for example , monthly.

Index frequently asked questions
Préstamos online urgentes solo con dni , 300 euros ¡Respuesta Inmediata!, Sin Aval, Sin Nómina

What types of credits are there?

Currently in the market we can find a wide variety of loans and quick credits online: from bank credits to finance the acquisition of a car or a motorcycle, to credits to pay for university tuition. Even so, credits are not classified only by their purpose or objective, but also by the amount granted, by the speed of granting or by the type of guarantee provided by the borrower. Within this last group we can find personal loans, home equity loans and other loans with another type of guarantee (such as a car, a taxi license, etc.).

The market options are so diverse that it is necessary to have a "map" of the main types of credits to know which loan or credit we should request and who we should request it from.

Index frequently asked questions
Créditos rápidos online sin papeleo ¡3000 uros Al Instante! Sin Nómina ni Aval, Prestamos al Momento

Mini credits instantly with Credit Checker and without payroll?

Yes, we can get loans online on the spot over the internet even if we are in Credit Checker and we do not have a payroll. Currently, some entities that grant mini credits instantly online are aware of the economic situation we are experiencing and know that the chances of contracting debt are quite high. When we think of defaults, large amounts come to mind, but normally the debts are related to utility companies, such as water or electricity.

Obtaining urgent money being in a file of defaults is not easy and it is even more complicated if we do not receive a payment through a payroll. However, some companies will grant us funding if we show that we receive some other type of income from other sources, such as a pension, unemployment benefit or scholarship. As with the rest of the loans with Credit Checker, the debt for which we are registered in the delinquent file cannot exceed € 1,000 nor can it have anything to do with credit institutions. If we meet these requirements, we can get fast loans with Financial Credit Institutions and without payroll to settle small debts or face any unforeseen event.

Index frequently asked questions

Can I request more credits online if I already have one?

Yes, but generally not to the same lender. Normally the same provider of fast online loans will not grant us more than one loan at a time, although there may always be exceptions.

However, in some cases you can request an extension of the personal loan if you need more money.

If we have already been granted a personal loan and we need another, we can request it from another entity, but logically the new lender will analyze our credit history to make sure that we can deal with more than one loan.

Index frequently asked questions

Documents needed to apply for personal loans

Depending on the type of online loan on the spot and the lender, they will ask us for some documents or others. In general, to access personal loans we must present this documentation:

  • Identity document: DNI, NIE or passport to certify that we are of legal age and resident in Spain.
  • A bank statement so that the lender knows our monthly income and expenses
  • Proof of income: a salary, a pension, unemployment benefit that shows that we have stable and sufficient income to meet the monthly payments.
  • Our account number to enter the credit.
  • Our telephone number and / or our email address to contact us.
  • Proof of debt: (only if we are registered in a delinquent file) a document that details the amount and origin of the debt for which we are registered.

If we ask for the money to finance a good or service (purchase of a car, home renovation ...) it is likely that they will also ask us for a budget for the project. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can currently apply for loans online with hardly any paperwork, mini credits are a clear example of this since they use fintech technology to reduce the documentation required to the maximum to speed up the application process as much as possible.

Index frequently asked questions